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Welcome to Nisa Furniture


Nisa Furniture is manufacturer, exporter, wholeseller and trading company of Jepara Indonesian furnitures. We produce, fabricate, sell and ship the furnitures by containers to all over the world.

Our main clients come from: Australia, Canada, England, Eastern European Countries, Ireland, Russian, Scandinavian Countries, USA, Middle East, Asian and African Country, and even dominate local market.  Our goal is to serve dealers and auctioneers the best we can to strive for a long term bussiness  relationship.

Our varied product contains all kinds of furniture with a variety of styles, we fabricate Louis fifteen (Louis XV, LXV), Louis sixteen (Louis XVI, LXVI), baroque, neo baroque, country french, art deco, clocks, bedroom suites, dining rooms, cabinets, tables, chairs, dressers, vanities, wardrobes, sideboards, sofa sets, antique and French furniture, all from low end until high end quality antiques and second hand furniture. An amazing place for dealers and auctioneers looking for mixed containers.

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Posted On: 2014-01-31 08:28:36 ; Read: 680 time(s)
When it comes to elegance and class, nothing says it quite like French furniture. Its intricatedesigns and reliable style of building means that it’ll remain an eye-catching delight for many years to come. This is one of the reasons that so many people elect to purchase Frenchfurniture for their bedrooms: it never goes out of style. There is an undeniable timeless qualityto French bedroom furniture that makes it ideal for decorating with, whether it’s for your first bedroom design in your new home (which means you can rest assured that it could well also be the last!) or part of a redesign later down the line. Whenever you redecorate, however, you can be sure that your friends and family will be more than impressed by the result – and may even feel inspired to redecorate their own rooms in the same style!
Posted On: 2012-04-17 11:48:25 ; Read: 1264 time(s)
When it concerns picking a proper color for your designs, you will be surprised to see the lot of stunning contrasts that nation French design furnishings could provide to you. Most of the designs are a mix of bright and subtle colors to capture the proper setting. You would see shades of arctic green or bright gold interspersed with even more dull colors like greys and blacks. The painted French design furnishings makes for a lush and vibrant interior without going overboard. If you want a creative design without complex patterns, this is the best option to experiment with in your new real estate.
Posted On: 2014-01-31 09:34:11 ; Read: 1203 time(s)
Do you want to get a country French sofa for your home? Have you been wondering about the decor that would be ideal for country French sofas? Read our guide with informative facts to find out more about country French sofas... If you want to give your cottage or home a historic look nothing can do more justice to your home than a country French sofa. The design of country French sofas dates back to the early 19th century. These sofas have a long standing history behind them since their introduction in Province, France. These sofas are ideal for giving your home a country chic look yet they are very comfortable for seating.